30ml White tray for despite antiestatic RHOMBOID.

From: 72.60€ VAT included

From: 60.00€ without VAT

- White antistatic tray by rhomboid.
- Designed to provide a comfortable enviroment with easy precisely weighed.
- It offer the next advantages:
- It is not pollution.
- Easy adopts the shape of the funnel.
- The DS template is available in black or white to ensure exceptional contrast by the colour of the sample to be weighed.
- Tare weigh very reproducible: variation less than 5%
- Made of polystyrene schock proof.
Capacity 30ml
Material Polystyrene
Colour White
Dimensions 56x85x14,5mm
Weight 1g
30ml White tray for despite antiestatic RHOMBOID.



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