Drip pan without grill for 1000L deposit

From: 799.76€ VAT included

From: 660.96€ without VAT

- Drip pan with grill for 1x1000L deposit.
- PE retomolding with 1/2 density, compatible with a wide range of chemical products.
- Special base shape for easy la sided access by fork lift truck.
- Light, UV stabilised and robist sides.
- Improves security and reduces contamination risk.
- Designed for 1x1000L (GRG) deposit wihtout grill.
- Reusable product.
Capacity 1000L
Retention 1125L
Material Polyethylene
Colour Blue
Outside dimensions 1735x1455x715mm
Weight 77Kg
Drip pan without grill for 1000L deposit



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